Yes people, we are surviving!! First thanks to everyone who has called to check on us, given us job leads, and most importantly, is praying for our little family.

I have to blog this because the events of our life right now are unbelievable! And if I seem like a basketcase, well.... I probably am =)
In the past 3 weeks,

our house went under contract, since we did "By Owner" we have basically done a crash course on what goes on after you get a contract and getting ready for closing! I figured it wasn't rocket science, but man.... no wonder these realtors go to school, hahaha. We've got it all under control, but lets just say there is a lot of paperwork involved.

Following the house going under contract, we called our realtor and lender to get us set up for the next place we are headed to. We researched over 100 houses and spent one week of crazy house hunting until...

Tim lost his job! We hault house hunting and both start aggressively job- hunting!! He has spent every second busting his tail applying, going to networking events, and meeting with people in other industries outside of his to see if a career change needs to happen. I, at home with the kids, use all facets of my networking to try and help!

Then, we have to start packing because we are moving out in 10 days. The Appraisal and Home Inspection happen and we passed both with flying colors, wahoo!

The past 3 days, Tim has an awesome lead on a job, the house we are in love with is still on the market, and we are days away from leaving this place!! So, our plan is to crash with Tim's parents until he is employed. When that happens, Lord willing we will put an offer on a house and be in there a few weeks later!!

If anything could go according to plan, which nothing does most of the time for us, this is our prayer goals and vision: we will move out around the 2oth, Tim will be working at this place he went to Friday (pray hard), and all be darned if it's right near the house we are in love with!!! So, if it's still on the market we will put an offer in asap. Could all of this really be solved in a month???

Haha, that's why I'm blogging!! We'll see what happens!! It's crazy to go from being so stable to you have no idea what's going on hour by hour! We've been in this house for 4 years and everything has always been super stable.

We had no idea our house would sell so fast, and no idea Tim was going to get laid off all at the same time. It gets so scary when there are children involved, ugh! I truly believe God has bigger and better plans for us. That is what I have to believe at this point! He has our undivided attention. Too bad it takes all this for that to happen sometimes.

Anyway, some good news is right now we have kick butt attitudes, God has provided everything we need, and we really are trusting Proverbs 19:21
Many are the plans of a man's heart, but its the Lords purposes that prevail. Tim and I are closer now than ever and he really knows how to stay calm and under control and lead our family in the midst of chaos. He's unbelievable. I pray that we will continue to praise the Lord not only when we are out of the storm, but right in the spankin middle of it!


Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

That is my favorite verse! Such a great reminder of the Lord's bigger plans for us :) We love you guys!

Sara said...

I think you both are awesome and am sure God knows just what He's doing!

Bethany said...

Hey Jennifer - Just wanted to drop you a little note to let you know that the same thing happened to us last July and God brought us through it very quickly. There's nothing like losing a job or finding your family in a world of uncertainty to REALLY get your heart where it needs to be! We're faithful that you guys will be taken care of, and we're praying for you!! Keep us posted.

Bethany said...

Okay, so I just read the previous post. What sort of account manager is Tim? What industry? I may have something.

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