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I am so sleep deprived from packing, moving, and getting the house cleaned and ready for the walk thru tomorrow! But, I have to blog today's events! We are officially out of the house, and would you believe those sweet Maid Fairies showed up today and cleaned the house for free?? Gosh, I love them.
We packed all our stuff and moved it into a storage unit right down the street. Would you believe everything we own fits into a 15 x 15 storage unit??? Amazing to me. All we packed with us is some clothes and toys for the kids! We moved in with my inlaws, which I adore. They are like my second parents for real because I met them over 10 years ago! Anyway, they graciously gave up a whole floor of their beautiful home and we all have our own room... even Holly our dog, ha! The kids think this is a blast, they have no idea what's going on... which is good. Only once today did David say, "Mommy.... when is the Tow Truck coming to get our house and move it?" Such a sweet angel, I just gave him a big hug and told him we were going to find another house soon!
We are so grateful for them letting us crash here until Tim gets a job and we get a new house!
The job hunt is good. I will go more into detail later, but he is switching career industries. He has done Sales/ Account Management for 4 years and thinks it's time to really find what he loves. The positive thing about umemployment is that he has really had time to research and figure out what exactly he wants to do. He has found an industry and some leads. We are waiting to see if his #1 pick is going to hire him. We were actually supposed to hear today, but hopefully it will be by the end of the week. So, I'll update about that later hopefully!
But, the best story ever. I had to post before I forgot details.... it was like the grand finale of my next door neighbor, the witch!
So, I hadn't seen her in a few days. I went outside today to start piling boxes up and I see her and this is our convo:
Me: Hey, how ya doin over there?
Witch: Well.... I wish I could say I was doing good
Me: Oh no, sorry to hear that... what's wrong?
Witch: Well.... I died on Tuesday.
Me : blink, blink.
Me: Umm, I'm sorry.. what?
Witch : I died on Tuesday!!! I died!
Me: Okay... so, clearly you're here now talking to me. what's going on?!
Witch: Well... I told Death that I was not ready and I came back.
Me: blink, blink.
Me: And why weren't you ready?
Witch: Because my favorite band is playing next Friday, White Animal, and I am NOT missing it. I told Death that it would have to wait until after that concert.
Me: Wow. Well. Well, i don't know. I am sorry you died. But, I'm glad you are going to be able to see your concert. Um, do you need to see a doctor or something?
Witch: No! I was at the doctor! I had some bad medicine combination ....
(aka... probably a drug overdose, seriously)
Me: Allright, well I've gotta finish packing here. You try and take it easy over there..

Can you believe that ridiculousness? It's just amazing, she thinks she died. And she thinks she had a conversation with "Death." Oh my gosh, I am so emotionally numb right now that I have just laughed. There were some other details I left out, one was that she started taking her clothes off to show me where needles were injected. I told her it wasn't necessary I see them, but hoped she recovered soon. Hahaha, it's kind of funny to think about the new people moving into our house... what their first impression will be. I feel so bad... but, i don't! I am just so happy we sold our home!


natalie said...

Yay for maid fairies!! Still praying for you guys! Daniel will be in Atlanta next week. Maybe him an Daniel could hook up. Wish I was going :( wow, get outta there fast with that witch next door and all!

Cecilia said...

I'm thinking you aren't going to miss the neighbor drama ;)

George K said...

Have you developed a questionare yet to pre-screen future neighbors?

Ashly said...

wow, what a complete freak! I know you wont' miss her, but I'll miss the stories! Thanks a bunch for coming yesterday! I had fun and it was good to see you guys!

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