Jens Fall Favorite Things.

To preface this post, I'm not pregnant! One might think that with my current fall favorite things!
Hands down. These 4 things are amazing and are making my fall fantastic. And I had to share.
Coconut M and M's. Grab a bag for 50 cents and they'll change your life.
Maxwell House Mochas. It's $2.50 for a whole tin of instant mochas every morning, all week! They are SO good!

For lunch, I am bored to death eating sandwichs, UNTIL i found this Chipotle Mayo from Kraft!!! Now, I will eat anything if it has this on it. It's $2 at Publix and sometimes it goes for B1G1. YUM.

Okay, last but not least! We aren't big alcohol drinkers, but we love having wine with dinner some nights. We just recently got into Prosecco! It's a carbonated, bubbly wine. Very light and good if you aren't a big wine drinker. A lot of people don't think about Prosecco, but it goes so perfectly with all the heavy holiday meals you'll be having. WE LOVE IT!!

Those are my fall favorites right now! Hope they become yours too =)

1 comment:

Brandon and Jamie said...

humm, are you sure you're not preg?

i need to try that wine!

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