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It's that time of year, time to get your Christmas cards together, decorate, and find the perfect gifts! We like to keep things pretty simple over here in the Willis household. The kids always get 3 gifts like Jesus did. We make a birthday cake for Jesus and try to make the holidays really about the birth of our Savior. It's funny how that can get lost when that's what the holiday is really for!
This is a great Christmas for us, we'll be celebrating Christmas in our renovated house! We are very excited and Christmas was a finishing point for us in so many ways. And end to our crazy year. A celebration of our year and what we made it through.

Needless to say, we are days away from taking our family picture with the house this year. To keep it simple, I love using Shutterfly for Christmas card photos! They have so many different styles you have tons of options. They also run sales and are shipped straight to your house, which is the best part. We have used Shutterfly for other holiday gifts, our favorite is the calendar. If you love taking pictures, its a perfect gift to display them. Grandparents love these!
Miss Mackenzie will also be turning 2 this month so it makes it even easier that shutterfly has these birthday invitations. They are perfect because you can choose any theme and have them printed and shipped for just as cheap as invitations from the store.

Good luck pulling out all the Christmas decor. Don't forget to keep the main thing, well the main thing!
If you are a blogger, check out Shutterflys 50 FREE CHRISTMAS CARDS! It's a great present from them!

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Cecilia said...

I'm going to give this a try! Did you have any trouble ordering your cards?

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