Road Trip!

We (me and the kids) took a road trip to see my sis and her fam in Savannah! It was the perfect week because of Tim's crazy schedule and me having the week off from cleaning!
Here are the highlights!

We went to the beach b/c Savannah was almost 80 one day, went picnicking, shopped downtown, and let the kids run wild! Savannah was full of celebrities the week I went. Extreme Home Makeover was there with Ty and his crew, Paula Deen, and Jillian from the Bachelorette. It will air in February.

Like any road trip with toddlers, it was a huge effort to get us all packed and down there, but.... was well worth it! The four of them are almost like siblings, its really sweet. They had such an awesome time together and they were all so good! My sister and I are best friends and we are both cleaning houses on the side. We both are also staying at home w kids until they start school, just like our mom did with us. So it's fun to talk about schoolwork we do at home with them and all the activities we have them in!

I love all 4 of these precious, sweet, angel babies. I can't wait until Thanksgiving to get them all together again!
They might just be the happiest little children on the planet after their week together!
Jonathan- 5, David- 4, Michael- 3, Mackenzie- 2.David and his new best friend toy, "crab". Even though its a lobster.
David took M for a ride in the boys powerwheel

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