Our fork in the road has reached a solution and a very clear path! My advice and answer to everything is, "Run, Baby, Run!!" Just get yourself a one-way plane ticket and disappear! Haha. While this humor may not amuse some.... I have had a lot of fun telling everyone that's what I'm gonna do. Anyway, our new path is a little complicated so I can share as soon as we can smooth out all the details and tie it in a bow. It's really not a big change persay in our life, just a switch of focus and an opportunity that we couldn't turn down. Can't go viral with it yet due to the chain of communication we have to go down. If you are really dying to know you can call me though!
Until then, I have one last homemade post, pics of Davids new room coming soon, and some great organizational things I have found for super cheap!

Okay, last homemade post! If you really like the whole soap idea.... you can also have fun with bar soaps instead of just the liquid body wash. Glycerin can be melted down, you can add whatever you want to it or do color layers, and then pour it into a mold and it will re-harden. Most people grind up oatmeal or add some lavender to it. You can also add a few drops of oil and you have beautiful, handmade soaps! If you Google Image "homemade soaps" tons of pictures will come up! Micheals also sells a goat milk soap base and you can use that instead of the glycerin. If you missed the past few posts, make sure you check out how to make all of your own cleaners below!
Aren't these soaps pretty?

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