Adoption is Good

These are some of our best friends Greg and Jessica Sykes. They are adopting a baby!
Here is their personal blog if you want to know more about their journey in trying to have a family. They feel led to adopt a baby and we couldn't be more excited for them. They also founded and started a website called, www.adoptionisgood.com.
They hope after they finish raising funds and adopting their own child, they can use this site to raise money and help other families have their dream come true with a child.
They have been super hard workers. They have had garage sales to raise money and sold other donated pieces of furniture on craigslist to raise money. They made hundreds of Christmas ornaments and sold to raise money. There is also t-shirts for sale on the website. They have received donations from churches and grants. Like I said, they have worked REALLY hard to not go into debt and also have a family. We are so proud and bursting with excitement for them. They could not be a more deserving couple.

So, here is the deal. I'm trying to help them finish raising money via a raffle! I'm raffling off a $100 gift card to Target. Tickets are $3 each and you can buy as many as you want. Drawing will be held on Monday, Jan. 2. Just email me or comment below (jennifer.willis@gmail.com) and I will send you my address. You can mail a check and make it out to Promise 686, tax deductible. Just put Sykes family in the memo line.
Promise 686 is also matching 100% of the donations! We are prayerful that this will finish them off!
So please help me get this raffle started!! This tugs at the heart of many.... for those who have had their family come easy for them and for those who have struggled. All couples long for a family so here is a way to help this sweet couple!!

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Send me your address, please.

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