December 18, 2011

I'm about to go on a blog-a-thon this week! I have so much to catch up on...... it's gonna be crazy so get ready.
But, first. Everybody stop and celebrate: Mackenzie is 3!!!!!
Unbelievable to me. I spend my days with my kids, but I still stop and panic- they are growing up! I can't freeze time and I can't even soak it in fast enough. She is 3 years old!

Oh Mackenzie!! Where do I even begin with you! You made this scheduled mother of her baby boy feel like she had NO IDEA how to be a mother to a baby girl when you were born! Talk about opposites! Raising a boy followed by raising a little girl has been the hardest, yet easiest thing at the same time. You just do the exact opposite of what you did the the first. That seems to be the method in my madness over here..... and it works. The darnedest thing.

You are seriously cute. And I know I'm your mother, but you are very petite and like this little lucky charm I want to put in my pocket. You are very tiny.

You still think you are an infant. You sleep like one in a ball, you have a blankey, you snuggle on me, you want to be held, ect.

You are all girl. Yet you dont shy away from anything your brother does. In fact, you like to one up him. Like at Disney when you sassed your way in front of him to go down the big water slide because he hesitated.

Speaking of sass- you think you are quite the boss over here. You are a mother-er. You tattle, scold, and have quite the attitude when questioned about something. You also immediately know what you think about something and don't hesitate to voice your opinion about it. (that may have come from mommy, heck and even your Mimi, lets blame her =)

You are a night owl. You also don't prefer to eat for some reason. These battles I fight and win though my little lady.

You are loving. You will kiss and hug and pat people on the back and are very touchy.

You are focused. Driven. Smart. You can understand complex directions I give you and I can tell you will naturally be a very good student. And probably type A.

You are the epitome of having a little girl. You love dolls, babies, puppies, flowers, cookies, and pink.

And you really are a dynamite little sister. You play so well with David and he is your best friend.

You also really understand Jesus at a young age. You asked him into your heart a while back, but immediately following you asked him to be in your tummy.

So.... not really sure about that one ;) Either way, you like him!
Happy Birthday to my little Christmas miracle. I think any child that is born is a miracle, but when we lost your twin early on, I prayed every day that I would one day get to meet you and have you here in our arms. I am undeserving and forever grateful to have a son and daughter who have made this mommy's dreams come true.

Thanks to my friend Sara for taking some great photos of this little 3 year old. Also, thank you again my rockstar cousin Brittany Woodall, now crazy famous and photographed Pinks baby- for taking photos of her after birth. I can't look at them enough still...


Sara Price said...

Oh Jen...she is so beautiful!

Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

She's adorable!!! Happy Birthday big girl!

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