Happy Heart Day

I grew up with my mother making a huge deal out of every holiday. I remember even on St. Pattys Day waking up to green eggs and whatever else she could find green! I feel like that was passed down to me, but have been a slacker due to space over here! When I picked up David last week from preschool, he had a huge frown. "Whats wrong David?" to which he said, "I am just sad that our house isn't decorated for Valentines Day like my classroom." So, off to dollar tree we went for some cheesy banners, balloons, and hearts. Quick fix!
We spent our last couple of days making cookies and cards for his classmates (ok- it was mainly me making them..... hoping my daughter will be more into crafts than little David, ha!)
We pulled out glitter, glue, and stickers and made cards for each other. We had heart-shaped donuts, cupcakes from a friend, drank out of heart cups, had heart napkins, the whole sha-bang! The kids surprised me this morning with a blueberry and raspberry bush that I am SO excited about! Tim got me some new boots and I got him a practically brand new Kindle off craigslist, score!! We actually all went out to dinner tonight and even invited my mom and dad along!!
Valentines was perfect because we loved on our loved ones =)
It's not an important day, but an excuse to give a little extra love!
And I also love any opportunity to talk to my kids about Christs love for us and our ability to love other people. We love and show love to everyone around us because Christ is in us.
Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13.
Happy Valentines Day!! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

I love how you pass on the most wonderful memories and traditions - Wow you have some budding artists their!!

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