I can't decide...

I can't decide, and will never be able to, whether the baseball fields or the salon is more fun....

You see, with my little Dave playing T-ball for the first season, it is probably one of the most adorable things I have ever witnessed. They all run after the ball, run to the wrong base, throw the bat, and make mud-pies in the in-field. And I could not be more proud. Or overflowing with joy.

And then there is little Kenzie. Who had her first pedi-cure. And I'm not really sure again if I have ever seen something so cute!! Her squeals, excitement, and laughter the whole time melted my heart. She also brushed back her hair a few times and held her nose a little high (watch out!) She also took off shoes and socks everywhere we went to show everyone her toes =)

These 2 little opposites are so much fun to go from boyland and mud to the salon with my girly girl. I absolutely love being a mommy to these 2 precious little gifts.

Over the weekend we also celebrated Chefs birthday!! He also hung out with us at the baseball fields and it was so sweet to see him, Tim, and Dave play baseball together. So. much. joy.

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