Master Redo x 3

It's a running joke in our family that if something isn't nailed down over here, it's on craigslist. I dont know if you remember that big black furniture I bought. I re-painted it and made a profit of $350 on it, sweet! You can also click on the Nellie Mae link to see the original furniture we started with.

We never intended to be like that. But let me tell you something, when you lose almost 1500 square feet, you get rid of almost everything you own. We laugh that the next place we move to- probably everything we own will fit in our mini van. Wherever we go will look EMPTY, ha!

We tried to fit what we had into Nellie Mae. That did not work out so much. So one by one, we sold things and felt like it was bigger here. No clutter. More room. Space was un-occuppied and it was a great feeling. Then we realized the pieces we did have, most were too big and bulky for this house. So, those went too.

I actually havent really bought anything new, just moved stuff around and painted it. The dresser was in mackenzie's nursery. Now that she is bunked with david, it was available! The headboard was from our friends Greg and Jessica. We actually keep giving it back and forth. When David first had a big boy room, I used it (black then). Gave it back to them. Now they gave it to us again (painted white)!

Nellie Mae has a cottage feel, so anything we can do to play into that, helps the house work.
Our dream room? No. Actually this might be Mackenzies furniture when we move. Who really knows!

Our motto is, "it works for now!"

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