Oh no she didn't.

Oh Yes. She did.

Mackenzie jumped out of the crib. 18 months. Same as David. Why are my children so wild? I don't know. I just don't know. She pulls her whole body weight up, climbs the rails with her feet, and hoists her little 20 lb body over the side. Unbelievable.

But, this time I fought back. And I won. You see, David transitioned VERY well when we moved him at 18 mths to a bed. He had "big boy" mentality and never got out of a big bed. Bedtime was never a battle, he just stayed in the bed. Mackenzie, on the other hand, does not have "big girl" mentality. She loves being a baby and wants to be a baby. She flipped out when we tried the toddler bed and twin bed. She acted like we were throwing her into a lake of fire.

So, my mother in law found this crib tent on craigslist, and turns out it's the best one with reviews out there, SCORE! And, I got it for half price =)

We researched them a lot and saw that there has only been 3 crib tent deaths. One b/c the parent did not install it properly and the other 2 children were older and ripped the tent apart and suffocated. Too much info I know, but seriously people?? The odds out there say that she would be more likely to die in a car seat malfunction, stroller accident, or on a neighborhood walk. Anyway, it is VERY safe. It is a whole piece unit that fits over the entire crib. There is no loose mesh and goes up pretty high. It has awesome reviews on amazon and I feel very safe with her in there. We also have monitors and I check on her many times anyway, even before the jumping episode.

So, I wanted to tell you..... if your little monkey jumps out. This thing is awesome. You are supposed to move them out by 3, but I'm sure we'll try at 2 1/2 to get her in a bed, a YEAR from now when she is SUPPOSED to do it!! Ha!

Does anyone else out there have this problem? I'm beginning to think my kids are supernatural.


The Riddle's said...

I feel your pain! Andrew jumped out of his crib too. They both loved to jump and jump in their cribs.

KR said...

haha! Peyton did the same thing around 18 months. Luckily I was standing right there when she did it...but the next day I converted her crib to the toddler bed and she LOVED it. Next move is moving her to her BIG girl bed within the next week or two:) Looooove youuuuuu!

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