We just spent a week in Savannah helping my sister move in! After a very long time of her and her husband living apart during the week, their house being on the market forever, and many contracts that fell through.... they finally found some long term renters to rent their home in Kennesaw and have moved to Savannah! They live in an awesome house on Wilmington Island.
We helped them move down there, load and unload the Uhaul, work on the house, but also have tons of fun and hang out at the beach!
They bought a foreclosure and the house needed a good bit of work. (Not as much as Nellie Mae though!) So we landscaped, cleaned, raked leaves, mulched, cleaned the deck, painted, unpacked, and kept up with all 4 of these little ones below!! We will be making lots of roadtrips to Savannah and will miss them tons! Here are some highlights and I posted the whole album on facebook! I'm kind of in love with Savannah and am secretly keeping my fingers crossed that someday we could be there! Until then, I plan on going down a lot! My sister and I cried, along with our kids, when we left =(David, Mackenzie with cousins Michael and Jonathan. So funny they are 4,3,2, and 1.
We also went to Paula Deens restaurant, Lady and Sons. It was heavenly. Here's the food! And, the beach!! We went to Tybee Island every morning and they kids just sat at the shoreline and played! It was the first easy summer with them because they just entertained themselves!

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