Saving Money Gone Wrong!

I get a little over confident sometimes with my abilities to save money. There are some things I am good at: shopping deals at Ann Taylor Loft, Publix, and CVS. I also have a knack for spotting deals on craigslist and yard sales.

Well, let me tell you what I DONT have a knack for: cutting hair. Once I tried to cut Tims, with guards and all, and totally screwed it up. He had to immediately go to a place and get it fixed. I gouged his head and it looked like he got into a fight with the clippers!

I decided to try once more.... this time on the dog! It's $40 to take her to get groomed. I've been taking her since we've had her so I don't know WHY I became nerodic and thought I could do it. I just had a whim and thought, "its just a dog, its not rocket science! how hard could it be?!" Famous last words. She looks awful. Poor Holly. She was a cute, fluffy Bichon and now she looks like we "found" her or she was a "rescue" animal. You can tell she is sad, she knows how ugly she looks. And I made her that way. Oooooohhhhh, sob. Oh well, at least she isn't hot anymore. After I shaved her, I had a grocery bag full of hair. She was kind of like a sheep before I shaved her.
It's okay, I know she looks horrible. You don't have to try and make me feel better. No more hair cutting for me. Period.

I don't know what it was with the hair this week, but David said he wanted curly hair and got into the curlers, good grief! I posted this one just for his daddy.

Anyway, little peanut turned 18 months and I put up some of her sweet baby photos! I don't quite know what to do with all her cuteness =) If she could be doing something all day, it would be this:

For Father's Day, Tim and David went to see Toy Story 3... apparently that was the popular thing to do b/c he was packed in the theather with other father/sons &daughters! David just thinks his daddy is a superhero for renovation our new house, it's hilarious! And sweet! He is a sweetheart and has been helping "correct" Mackenzie when she gets out of line. Which by the way, my theory is wrong. Girls can be just as wild as boys. I think we just make wild babies. Oh, well.... it's not gender specific so that's good for us! The wild ones are always the cute ones..... they have to be or else!


Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

Holly is hilarious. The way she looked at me last night was just so sad...but I think it was a good attempt!! Haha....poor thing. :)

Anonymous said...

ha ha - that is really funny. poor holly. You gotta love that dog!

Ashly said...

JEN! Holly looks horrible! Is she acting funny without all her hair? Poor girl!!! I still want to get together soon:)

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