the game is still going

Okay, remember the bigger and better game at this post?

Well, the $4 has now turned into $100, how fun.

We drove past a random garage sale and I spotted this.... a dollhouse, $10.

Mackenzie, obviously is a little too small for it now, so I put it on craigslist! Would you believe I sold this thing the first day for $75??!

So, our game is now up to $100. We'll see what is next. The game may have to slow down a little because of the home renovation we just took on!

If you haven't visited the site, I just made a new one for it! I am really excited about it so I hope you will follow and watch our progress! The new site is www.thenelliemaeproject.com.

It is really neat because for 4 years, my husband has dreamed of renovating a home. He actually left his first job doing college ministry to chase this dream. It was innately in him. I am just so happy for both of us because he gets to do his dream.... while also restoring the same home that my great grandfather built. I couldn't be happier.


The Riddle's said...

This is great! I also read how you are selling you sink. And got such a great deal on the appliances. I think y'all are meant to be entrepreneurs!! I want to play the game.

Cecilia said...

Cute dollhouse, I can't wait to see how the game turns out!

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