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Tim and I may act like some of the biggest children I know. We are notorious for buying and selling anything. And, there is a running joke in our families that if it's not nailed down, we'll probably get rid of it. We like doing fun things together and are always up for something ridiculous. We have played this game for a while....
Have you ever read the blog One Red Paperclip? Or played the game, bigger and better? The basic idea is that you start with something small, ie: a red paperclip, and keep trading with anyone that will give you something bigger or better. This one guy traded a red paperclip, and 14 trades later, ended up with a house!

Isn't that hilarious? Anyway, so Tim has played this game a few times. Except, he has bought and sold things that are bigger and better. He got up to $800 a year ago and we are doing it again for fun.
So far, he bought this at a yard sale for $4 and sold it for $30. It was a book on a CD. He just bought a light fixture for $30 and is trying to sell it for $60. Ha, ha! It makes me laugh.

Anyway, I am trying to help with the game, but I am not very good at it. I want to keep what I find. I found these yesterday at a yard sale for $1 and they cost $150 at Pottery Barn! I love them now and don't want to sell them, ha!

Anyway, this may seem like a dumb hobby, but it's kind of fun! I am not selling my new silverware, or as David calls them "the shovel and rake." I will let you know what our next purchase is.
Other updates are that all of Tim's scholarships are through! He will officially be a full time student 3 days a week starting the first week of July. Our school, living expenses, and insurance are paid for! His HVAC instructor told him there would be more job offers than he'll know what to do with! He'll start interviewing with companies around Christmas and graduate in the Spring. The other 2 days that Tim is not in school, I have a little side business I started and will disclose it soon =) It's really not that exciting so don't worry.

Now, go find some junk that's worth a lot at a yard sale! Ha! If anyone wants to play the game with us.... it's so much fun to do together!

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