Cool Thing # 2

Cool Thing # 2.
Jobs fell like rain!! It's funny how I have tried to work from home and start little companies for 4 years.... and it never worked! Then , the second we sell the house and Tim loses his job..... they fall from the sky! Seriously, God again, has done some really cool things.
Let's start with Tim first. So, he will be in school full time for 3 days a week. He'll have some free time on the side! Low and behold, an HVAC company contacted him to come and do some contract work on the side while he is in school!! Its awesome because well, the money, but more importantly..... the experience!! School will click so much more with him actually doing what he is learning. Awesome!
Second, I have tried this and that with side businesses, with not a lot of luck! One passion of mine is cleaning! I know, kind of lame, but a stay at home mom does a lot of it. And, it's much more fun cleaning someone elses home. I guess I may be a little OCD.
Anyway, back when I had pneumonia, my family sent over maids to clean the house to help us out. I LOVED THEM. I told everyone about them, and they got a ton of business from my referrals. So, to thank me, they would randomly show up at our house and clean it for free!! I called them the "maid fairies" and it was so funny!
So, right when tim lost his job, I started advertising and started a cleaning business. I had heard Dave Ramsey talk a lot about stay at home moms starting cleaning businesses and they made the bank!
Well, right Mr. Ramsey was!! I have been slammed!! The days that that tim isnt in school, I clean in the mornings and during their nap.... that way I still see them during their awake times =) It only takes about 2-3 hours and you make around $35 an hour, sweet! So, maidfairies is the name of my company and of course we already bought maidfairies.com =)
The second job that fell out of the sky was from my BFF Jess. She referred me to do Data Analysis for a large company from home! Again, I just wake up early or stay up late and do about 2-3 hours of it a day. It pays around $20 an hour!
So, praise the Lord!! I was hesitant to post because I realize running "Maidfairies" is not the most glamourous thing, but I love it! I know I have a 4 year degree, but this just fits where we are right now. Thank you Greg, for the awesome logo and tshirts to come! Thank you Jacob for making us a website! Everyone is awesome! Anyway, it allows me to still be a full time mom and just work when it's the kids down time. I am thankful. People can make fun of me for cleaning toilets, i dont care. (just dont make fun of me to my face, im a little emotionally unstable from this whole transition, ha!)
I am having the attitude of , "whatever you do, work at it with all your heart. As if working for the Lord and not for men." I think it's very cool the Lord has provided these sources of income. We are banking it for the next house we will buy so it really is providing for us in a huge way.
So, we think these jobs are pretty cool. Hopefully, reading this and the past links you will see how all of this just fits together!
Now cue Taylor Swift's "fairytail" song for fairy maids. yay.


Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

I love you!

Chad and Kristin Pendley said...

That's awesome!! It is so great to see how God is working in your life. You are so positive about everything and He is providing for your family b/c you never give up hope. I think it is great that you started this business, especially if you love cleaning. I told my hubby that for Christmas I want someone to clean our house during the school year! Ha! Good luck with your new venture. :)

Kristin Brannan Wilson said...

How lucky you are!!!I stay at home with my 2 boys and I wish I could find something to do at home. I totally agree with your mentality about doing your best no matter the situation. I graduated from NGCSU in '04 with a bachelors in biology and I'm at home. It's difficult but I do feel guilty for not being able to find a job to help our family out. Good luck with your jobs!! :)

Ashly said...

I'm so proud of you! Way to seize those opportunities! I want to hang out SOON! You'll have to come up to the pool and play in early June!

Marcie said...

you are my hero and we love you!!

Rachel said...

very awesome cool things!!! thanks for sharing!

Tabatha said...

I am a lurker and think you should do a post or atleast tell me the secret about the data analysis stuff:) I am back in school but could really use a way to make some money while at home with my two children this summer! www.thesimplymade.blogspot.com

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