Cool Thing # 1

Everytime Tim and I have made a "leap of faith", God shows up in big ways for us. It is awesome because it confirms the path He is leading us on is the right one. From Day 1 of this whole journey, even though it is hard, God has completely been doing and providing some really cool things for us. So, I am going to do some encouraging posts on Cool Things. I love hearing these stories from other people, and now I have some of my own to share. I can't imagine going through this without the Lord. When you surrender your life to Him, it may be hard, but He pours out his blessings, kindness, and soveriegnty over your life.

So, Cool Thing # 1.

God gave us a really sweet playground.

Okay, I don't know how many of you know the value of these suckers, but at Home Depot, you easily spend at least $1,000 to get the basic playground.
So, we are on a neighborhood walk and this random lady walks out of her house, we say hello and keep walking. 5 minutes later, she came riding her bike after us!
She said, "Hey! Yall look like a cute young family! I was wondering if you guys would want a playground! I have one in my backyard and I really want to get rid of it, do you guys want it?"
We are like, YEAH!!!!
So, we came home, drove over with the trailor and loaded it up! Here it is! It is in good shape. Mr. Handy Manny needs to do a few things and maybe a fresh coat of paint... then it'll look brand new! (FYI it is 26 feet long, 2 swings, 1 baby swing, slide, tree house, see saw, monkey bars, and a pull up bar)
I know it is something that is not a big deal, but it made me a little teary eyed because the kids are in HEAVEN! They love it so much. It also means the next house we buy needs to have a big, flat yard! Ha!
Anyway, this was Cool Thing # 1.


Family Oliver said...

to me this is a HUGE deal and I'm soooooooo jealous that you got it for FREE!!!!!! it's definitely cool in my book. congrats!!!!

The Doves said...

Jennifer - the blessings God is pouring out on you is amazing!!! May your faith continue to overflow and let the cool things keep happening!!!

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