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If one picture could sum up Mackenzie, this would be it.

She is the sassiest, prissiest, stubbornist little child in the world, and we love her! She has an UNBELIEVEABLE pout that is just a post in itself. Just a few days ago, we were sitting at the table eating and I had just scolded her to eat her food and stop chucking it across the table. Well low and behold, I look back over and that baby has her tongue sticking out at me!!! So, what did I do as the mature mother of this little girl?? I stuck mine right back out at her!

Mackenzie is 17 months old and she is a riot. People ask if she is as much of a handful as David.... here is the difference. David is wild, destructive, and a crazy little boy. Mackenzie is strong willed, opionionated, and studious. She will sit still and entertain herself. She does not run away, throw, or act crazy like David. BUT, she just has serious attitude, squieling, and more personality in her tiny little body than I know what to do with. These kids keep us hysterically laughing with all of their little antics. Seriously, I don't know WHAT i did as a kid or WHAT tim did.... I feel like we are getting paid back for something because we make outrageous children.

This photo was taken after the pool while she was eating/wearing her yogurt. She also did get a boo boo on her face because Chef, tims dad, took her on walk and she jumped out of the stroller, you gotta latch my kids in REAL tight ;) On another positive note, the pool has been a dream this summer. They sit and play together in the baby pool. I think I deserve this after last summer. Oh, laughter.

So, if my baby sticks her tongue out at you, just stick yours out right back at her!


Rachel said...

Ha ha! She's so cute! I ask Jeff and my parents all the time how Ellie Kate got to be the way she is. The little divas will keep us on our toes in an entirely different way that the wild and crazy boys do!

Kate Kear said...

She is so adorable!! She sounds just like our Miss Adilyn! Adilyn's nickname is Miss Scarlett & Princess, so you can just imagine. I love your stories and your children sound so much like ours that I know that they would have a blast together.

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