Space Savers #2 and My Life

Okay, if you missed my Space Saver # 1 it is a few posts down and a huge built-in we are currently under construction with! Hopefully, it will be all finished this weekend.
Toys and clothes are also in abundance at our house. So, I have a few rules I live by. If a toy is broken or missing pieces, it goes to Goodwill. If it is also unused and they haven't played with it forever, it goes.
Ikea sells this awesome grid shelf for super cheap, i think $89. They also sell these huge plastic toy bins for 1.99. You can't find a better deal, I have looked! They are perfect for toddlers b/c they are sturdy, big, and you can write the toys that go in them. This is great for clean up b/c they know where to put the toys.

I have also packed up the opposite season of clothes and put them under each persons bed in our house. Big Lots sells these awesome clear, zippered, under the bed storage bags! They are 2 for $5. Again, you can't beat that deal anywhere. I love them and they have one for each gender!
Miss Mackenzie got her first haircut. It was basically just a trim, but here are pics for the grandparents =) She thinks she is one big 2 year old! And yes, we took advantage of the Great Clips 7.99 haircuts, I think they did a fabulous job, ha! Here is the before..
Here is the after, yes she has swoopy bangs and I love them!!
And, this was my fun Mom's Night Out with my Canton Mom's group. Our babies have known eachother since birth and we all still try and do an occasional playgroup and dinner out alone! We went to the Alpine Bakery Restaurant in Roswell, Ga and it was absolutely amazing.
Peggy...Amber and KristenAnd me, Susan, and Lisa are not pictured.... I got distracted by my dessert! I love you girls! Yes, I'll have my cake and eat it too thankyouverymuch! That's been our past week! I still need to post pics of more storage tips and Davids room!


Rachel said...

Her haircut is SO cute!!! And love those under the bed bags. I might have to go look for some of those!

Ashley said...

That haircut is adorable! She looks so much older!

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