Tim's Big Break

Today is the day we can share our news!
I did have several friends call and email to see what in the world was going on now! My favorite question was rhetorical and asking people what they thought we were up to. The best response was from my friend Anna...... that we were moving to Africa!
I love it. But, it's not that outrageous.

So, to preface. Tim has found his passion. He loves the industry he is in, thriving in it, and fully embraced the technical hands on work he is doing. Praise the Lord! Back in the summer, Tim was doing some contract HVAC work with a family friend named Richard. Richard has been in the industry for over 10 years and then began running his own company 7 years ago. He is a Christian and has run the company debt free. He has built up his business and slowly made steps over the years to be able to grow. Anyway, Tim worked for him this summer while going to school and renovating the house. Tim took a job with a big company at the end of the summer.

Well, Tim and Richard have kept in touch and a few weeks ago he approached Tim with his plan. He wants to launch the company. Hire crews, have an office, grow the company. And.....
he wants Tim to be his business partner.

Richard is the brains of the company and a brilliant technician. His vision for Tim is to go under his wing and learn everything he knows, but to have Tim bring in his Sales experience, people skills, and grow and market the company like crazy! Which Tim loves and is really good at. He is by nature a motivator and very extroverted.

I think the 2 of them are going to run one amazing company. So, we are very excited and ready for this adventure!
The longer this decision has sat with us, the more clear it has become. We have had so much change and were not planning on making this kind of change.
But honestly, when Tim came home and told me (this was right after our open house and a miscarriage that followed), I don't get Wife of the Year. My first response was, "Shut-up." And then followed by, "Wait, are you serious?" And then followed by, "I hate you." Obviously, I was a little rattled by anymore change brought in our path. Even though this was an amazing opportunity.

But, what do you do when an amazing opportunity comes along? Not take it because you don't want change? And won't there always be a greener pasture? Do you always seek it or do you just be? And be content? At what point do you stop making changes?
These are all the questions we have wrestled with and pleaded to God to show up. In the end, we feel as though we have made the wisest decision for Tim to take the partnership. And it's a great long term plan for our family. The potential of the company and his partnership could be such a blessing! Even though the next few months may be a logistical nightmare, we feel as though this is a great long term move with deep commitment. And we are all about making roots right now. Church roots, friend roots, house roots, and career roots.

A family can't thrive in limbo. For a short time, but it indeed produces and breeds stress. We have lived under that alot. Decision making times are gut wrenching. It is hard on a marriage. But, sometimes it is just part of life. You can stay in limbo for a short time, but make every effort to get out of it as soon as possible.
We are going on a marriage retreat this weekend. It is to get counsel and strengthen where you are. I know if Tim and I have made it through the past 7 years, specifically the past 12 months... we can make it through this little adventure.

There are so many un-knowns and that tends to bring fear. Again, fear is not from the Lord, so we embrace this opportunity and I am praying for peace, grace with my husband, and God's hand to be on us... and with us.
Grace is a funny thing. We want it so bad, but it is so hard to give..... I've had so many conversations with my girlfriends about grace. When you feel like you've given all the grace you can.... give more grace. Give extra grace. Our husbands need it. Our children need it. And, our marriages need it. When the rubber meets the road.... are you gonna bail or give more grace?
I am really proud of Tim, he has worked really hard and I feel like this is his "Big Break."

So, no Africa, but hellooooooo entrepreneurship! So for all your HVAC needs in the Atlanta area, I have a great recommendation.


Denny said...

Sounds like a great opportunity. We will be praying for you guys during this change.

katie davis said...

hey jennifer! it's katie (torrance) davis. i love reading y'alls blog=) and seeing those pictures of your outrageously good-looking kids! i've been thinking about y'all lately-in particular church-and especially when i found out you were in marietta now. have you found a church in marietta? i'm honestly not sure if this is from God or not, but i know a church on the marietta square that my heart literally longs for every sunday. it's called stonebridge. just wanted to tell you about it. please email me if you have any questions...and i'm sorry if this seems completely outrageous! i just couldn't shake the urge to mention the church to you!

katie davis said...

oh. and my email address is: katiedavis25@gmail.com

Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

You guys need to read Andy's new book, Grace of God! It is wonderful- you would love it! We are so excited about this new journey for you guys and support you 100%! Love you bunches :)

jennifer said...

thanks for the encourgement guys! Katie, I just emailed you b/c it must have been from God, that's the church we go to! We were long time North Point people until we moved to Marietta and now we love Stonebridge! And Jess, I'd love to read Andy's book =)
thanks again, we love our fam & friends!

The Riddle's said...

Congrats to Tim! God is good.

Cecilia said...


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