Space Saving Rescue #1

Okay! Space Savers to the rescue!! We've had some great ideas to create space in our tiny little cottage over here! We have 1200 square feet and 2 closets. Yes I said 2 closets. Two of the bedrooms have closets, but they are small. I have a husband,toddler, preschooler, and a dog! So, to make as much room space and have a simplistic clutter free space, we've had to get creative! I have a few great ideas, but here is the first I will post about.

In our eating area, we have a wide open space! Tim did a cased opening to our family room so we have a very large "main area" in our house! Going from the main area to our kitchen, Tim is going to build these. They will be on each side of the open doorway. They are going to be quite simple and a HUGE space saver! We are just looking for a few cabinets for the base, then he will use the wood and trim to make shelves and make them "built-in". I also love the bead board they added behind. We are possibly going to make one side of these a dual desk/office space. All of our projects always start with..."I mean this can't be rocket science... we'll figure it out."
For me, this is where I will put (in the cabinets): office supplies, movies, books, gift wrapping supplies and cards, in and out going mail, and to put some of my pretty breakable decorative stuff out. No little hands can reach =)
So, this is my picture we are going to use for our basic idea.... what'dya think?!
This is my Valentines gift from Tim and I'm so excited. Wow, you know you are getting old when you want a home construction project for a present. Ha!
I'll be photographing our progress!

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Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

Very cute! Get some fun baskets or storage bins to hide the clutter. Love it!

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